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Way Back Wednesday- farm house remodel

Greetings Kindred Spirits!

It is December 26th 2022. Is it just me or have you had this experience too? Each morning this December I wake up expecting something wonderful to happen despite the sad news reports and the crazy weather. Perhaps a joy in anticipation of an early spring. I’m not sure why, but I’ll enjoy it as long as it lasts.

Christmas Eve and Christmas day were spent with loved ones. Laughter and amazing food. Gift giving and receiving. I do hope yours was a filled with wonderful memory making moments.

I came across this old blog post. Reading it inspired a 'Way Back Wednesday' title.

This old farm-gal has lots of country living under her belt that I would like to share with the new homesteaders out there.

My children are now grown and redoing their own old homes now. Many of you will be doing some home repairs and redos over this winter. I hope you find it encouraging.


My Dear Friend,

Recently I took on the challenge of redecorating our front room, much to my family’s dismay! Keep in mind our home is approximately 100 years old. It’s a huge, wonderful, rambling farmhouse. I love it and enjoy the fact there is a door at every turn to shut off the noises and mess.

The old walls are horse hair plaster, still in fairly good shape. We, despite all the nay-sayers decided long ago to renovate one room at a time. (Insert shock and awe of then husband, coming in with a prybar to begin the actual demo of paneling off the wall and drywalling all in a matter of a few days.)

Let me warn you if you ever plan on taking on a renovation project, many are the embarrassing moments ahead, as friends and family stop by to visit. Dust bunnies abound as you work on refurbishing. Dishes tend to pile high as you work on the more important things calling to you. Such as rag painting techniques on the ceiling.

Children of those who renovate are usually very creative too! Legos, crayons and snippets of paper float freely throughout the room under construction.

Add to that the children playing with authentic corn, soybeans and wheat. Well, over the years I’ve come to a place where I no longer apologize for the chaos.

I keep ever in my mind a picture of a calm home with pristine rooms…. (One can dream) That, along with taking time out for m and God have gotten me through it all, press on! Work a little each day and before you know it, you’re half way there.

Don’t stop dreaming because of the possible mess or the inconvenience. Or the fear of failure. Enjoy the process of making your dream come true. If you find yourself as a solo act, use this time of dreaming as a time for growth. Some of the best growth comes where there are no trees to shade us.


As this year is inching toward its countdown, it’s my hope and prayer you open your heart to a fresh new perspective. Stand facing the storm out in the open, straight into the fierce wind and rain. Stand brave, and strong in Him. Matthew 19:26 ….But Jesus beheld them and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible. Blessings to you Teemie


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